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What can you do with BlastCasta? A lot of cool things with feeds all in one place! Below is a summary of our free services.

BlastCasta Services

  • Add News to Your Website
    • You can create a highly customizable news widget using the add news wizard and a feed or allow others to do so with your feed.
    • In fact, you can use this tool to embed content seamlessly from a feed to a site. It’s actually fun and easy to do.
    • For example, you can use this tool embed news from the BBC onto your website or MySpace profile.

  • Create a News Ticker
    • You can create a highly customizable news ticker using BlastCasta and a feed or allow others to do so with your feed.
    • Customize the size, colors, font, font size, the change delay, maximum headlines, and much more!

  • Combine, Filter, Sort Feeds
    • Aggregate feeds together, filter, and sort them quickly using the BlastCasta Feed Engine. You can then use the resulting feed in any way you want, including with our other services.

  • Feed Landing Page
    • Make it very easy for your readers to subscribe and use your feeds with your own feed landing page that you can customize.
    • Our landing pages feature a vast array of possibilities for readers to use your feed.

  • Link and Grow!
    • Link to here with your feeds and allow your readers to make the best use of them.
    • In addition, you could easily boost your traffic when your readers share your feed on their websites through a news widget, as an example.

  • Translate Feed
    • A great way to gain interest and readership in your content by international readers, you can put your feed through our service and have it translated to another language.

  • Convert Feed Format
    • Convert your feed’s format from RSS to ATOM or vice-versa.

  • Tap into the BlastCasta API
    • The BlastCasta Feed API provides a powerful library of feed modifying web services that you can use to process and create customized feeds for yourself or for your readers. As a developer, you can access most of our services through this easy-to-use API.

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