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  As a publisher, one of your most important goals is to reach as many readers as you can. With BlastCasta, you can do just that!

Our tools will help you harness content from other providers or spread your own content to the rest of the world and gain traffic back to your site as well as recognition. Specifically, using our news feed tool, you can populate your site with fresh content from somewhere else, but in addition, you could provide a link back to us that includes your feed URL. This would allow others to reuse your content on their sites and hence link back to you.

Everyday, more and better uses of feeds are emerging. Using the tools provided by BlastCasta can get you an edge over your competition. Some of our services do not require you to sign up, so why not experiment with our tools today?
E-mail Newsletter?

For those of you who haven't adopted the use of feeds yet, we do have a newsletter sign-up page, but if you have a feed reader, you can subscribe to us that way.

Why distribute newsletters by E-mail when it causes bounce-backs and SPAM complaints? The new, easier-for-all medium is the feed!

Your audience can subscribe to your news feed and get the latest news release automatically.

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